Zenfolio | Lisa Farrow Photography | FAR Travel Project

This page is dedicated to my FAR Travel Project combining two of my passions - Travel and Photography.  

Travel Energizes, Travel Educates, Travel Humbles

Travel makes me appreciate my blessings, respect others and honor the earth

This page showcases a selection of my work that I offer for sale. Taken over years and around the world, these images honor the many places I've experienced. I've been blessed to travel and now through this project I want to create an opportunity for a family to enjoy their own family travel experience.  10% of the revenue made from sales among this selection will be donated to fund a travel fellowship. These funds will be made available to a selected family of three or more for a US based travel experience.

The images below can be printed on a various of mediums - aluminum, acrylic, wood and pearlized paper.  Multiple sizes are available and can be printed as desired.  Prices will vary by medium and size.  Please contact me for any questions and to place your order.